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Your 8,920 votes are a huge statement to LPS!

While I came in third in this race, the mere fact nearly 9k people voted for me makes me hopeful that the Littleton Public School District will open its eyes and ears and look beyond its normal operating procedures, think bigger, listen better, and invite more people to share their thoughts before the Board of Education and the Superintendent. YOU deserve to be heard. Our STUDENTS deserve the best possible education. Our TAXPAYERS deserve accountability by the district. Together, we can hold LPS to higher standards. STAY involved. BE passionate. And THANK YOU, for believing in me. ~Jessica

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My name is Jessica Roe and I attended Littleton Public Schools from 1st through 12th grade. 

Today, our teenagers are at the same schools that my husband Gates and I attended. 

While I have volunteered at those schools since our first child was in kindergarten at Sandburg, in the past year, I have had the opportunity to serve as a spokesperson for parents and educators in LPS. Our message to the Board of Education was that the district has room to improve on its assessment of how our schools can serve each student equitably - college bound or not. We have also pressed for better safety measures on campus and increased mental health resources for our students in a time where we have recently experienced a suicide epidemic.

The process for parents of students to receive adequate communication with educators, administrators and the board can be tough to navigate. It is my goal to gap that communication bridge and be the voice for all. I greatly appreciate your time in getting to know me and my vision for LPS.      ~ Jessica Roe

Jessica Roe picked up the petitions to get her name on the ballot of Aug. 7, 2019.
Jessica Roe picked up the petitions to get her name on the ballot of Aug. 7, 2019.

Meet Jessica Roe

WHAT JESSICA STANDS FOr in the lps community:


Equity for ALL Students

Each and every student in the Littleton Public School System deserves the highest quality education, whether they are headed to college, to vocational/technical training, or straight into the workforce.  Our classrooms are filled with students who all have different needs. Equal treatment, does not equal success for all. Jessica believes that by instead focusing on EQUITABLE treatment, we can then consider those individual needs, then find resources, and support, to meet them, that way, all students can thrive in school.

Safety on ALL LPS Campuses

Jessica is a firm believer that safety costs should be factored into the price the district pays to build a facility and maintain it. She also believes that every campus in LPS should have an outside, third party risk assessment. Sure, we have an amazing security team at LPS, but there is no possible way it would "hurt" to have one more set of professional, outside eyes on our campuses to provide even more recommendations to shore up the physical safety of our campuses. Additional, as long as school threats are a part of our society, Jessica believes each classroom should be provided one tourniquet kit and all teachers and staff should have access to an annual “Stop the Bleed” training. Additionally, just as the outside contractor is considering for the new Newton Middle School building, ALL classroom exterior and interior door windows should have bullet-resistant film on the glass as an added level of protection from an intruder. CLICK HERE to see a simple bulletproof liner we can use on exterior windows and interior doors and windows.



Recruit, retain and pay great teachers a living wage

The Littleton Education Association's (”LEA”) position is, "We believe recruiting, preparing and retaining quality teachers is the central strategy for improving our schools." Jessica believes that it goes without saying that those same quality teachers should be able to make ends meet and not have to work second and third jobs concurrent to their role in the classroom. Teachers forced to work additional jobs cannot possibly be as alert and energetic as they need to be in the classroom. We need to advocate for the state to find new sources of funding  to bring up the median salary in LPS.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the LEA's vision and mission.

Reduce classroom sizes

Jessica strongly believes our classrooms need to be a reasonable size - at minimum no larger than 28-30 students - whereas currently, we have upwards of 35-students in kindergarten to high school AP courses. The  National Education Association (”NEA”)  reports class size reduction studies have found that enrollment in smaller classes can lead to higher standardized test scores, an increased likelihood of taking college entrance exams, increased earnings, and higher college attendance rates. Read more: http://www.nea.org/assets/docs/PB08_ClassSize08.pdf .


Make Board of Education meetings more accessible to all

Chances are, your Thursday nights may be a tad bit busy - whether it's sports or homework with the kids, or other personal commitments - you may not be able to join the LPS Board of Education in person at 6:30pm every-other Thursday night.  Jessica has pushed for the board meetings to be televised on a YouTube channel or other platform, and, for alternative ways for members of the public to provide public comment other than having to attend in person. She continues to advocate for you to have access to these meetings.


Improved Support for Mental Health Resources

Our teachers are not psychologists, however they deserve the tools and training to navigate in a world where the mental well-being of our children has become a new reality.  Jessica believes the board should do everything possible to ensure that all of our mental health outreach conveys to students, parents and educators that there should be no stigma attached with asking for help.

CLICK HERE to hear from the director of LPS's Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health in a video about the district's need for mental health awareness as a critical part of preparing students for real life after high school.


Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Coloradans age 10-24. We have seen a suicide epidemic (aka: "cluster") in recent years among LPS students. The district has implemented the nationally accredited Sources of Strength ("SOS"), and Jessica has been a strong proponent that SOS and any anti-bullying curriculum be scientifically based with an annual evaluation by the district. 

CLICK HERE to learn more from the National Suicide Prevention Resource Center ("SPRC") 

CLICK HERE to read a new report on the fact kids in Colorado are dying at a record pace from suicide, far higher than the national rate.  CLICK HERE to learn about the American Psychological Association's "Signs to Watch For" to prevent teen suicide.