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My Background and Philosophy


I am married to Gates Roe, a medical researcher, and we met while attending Arapahoe High School from 1988-1992. We are both 45 years old and we have two children, our son Clark (15) is at AHS and our daughter, Scarlett (13) is at Powell. Our kids are the love of our lives. Both play competitive soccer for Colorado United and Elevation FC respectively, and Clark plays at AHS. We have a few hypo-allergenic "Doodles" - including a Goldendoodle and Whoodles. We reside in West Centennial, near where both my husband and I grew up. 


I have worked in many genres, primarily as a professional journalist since 1996, having served many NBC affiliate TV stations, including at KUSA-TV 9News where I was the Executive Producer. I have been the Exec. Dir./CEO of an international non-profit (NILMDTS), worked in MarCom for a Denver law firm, served as Chief Comms Officer in the IT Division of Governor John W. Hickenlooper's office, and more recently, worked for NBC News at the network level as a freelance field producer. Additionally, I am certified in Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and Kansas as a Licensed Private Investigator. In 2013, the Denver Business Journal recognized me as a leader in my profession by awarding me the "Forty Under 40" award.


At the time of this campaign, I am in the home stretch of completing my Master of Legal Studies at the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law. My concentration is in Media Law, Health Law and Human Resources Law. I am scheduled to graduate in December, 2019. I received my Bachelors degree in Journalism with a minor in Political Science at Colorado State University in 1996. I am a product of LPS, having attended Ben Franklin Elementary, Euclid Middle School and Arapahoe High School. My kids have attended Sandburg Elementary, Powell Middle School and one is now at AHS with the other one set to attend in August, 2020.

I Support Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown's Vision for School Safety

I have spent time with Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown (seen above) and we have a mutual goal of improving the safety for all people on our LPS campuses. We both believe that new technology - such as Clear-Armor.com - will make our schools more defensible from bad intentioned intruders. By no means has the Sheriff endorsed me, however I publicly want to share MY support for his vision for safety at all of our schools.

Students are the Future

When do positive changes in schools happen? More often than not, when STUDENTS take a hold of their future and make their vision a reality. We owe it to our future leaders to listen to their concerns, their needs and their ideas for improving out school culture, climate and campuses. Their voices may not come naturally; too often they are more comfortable posting on SnapChat or Instagram. It is our job to find ways to pull from them their hopes and dreams for not just the future, but for RIGHT NOW in LPS.

Parents are Key

The only way to successfully make positive change in a school district is when educators and students speak, parents listen and advise, and leaders at the district level and the school board that employs them, find ways to take action. Anyone who knows me will tell you that if I have a goal, I aim for it and nearly always meet it, however I am open minded to feedback along the way and adjust my goal accordingly.

Support the Candidate!

To win this race and support our students in the way I have addressed above, please consider a donation - no matter how big, or how small - to the campaign. Thank you in advance!

Jessica's Resume

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