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School Safety in LPS

Get educated on school violence prevention

Before I decided to run for a Director position with the Littleton Public School Board of Education, I began to get educated on real versus perceived threats to students on our campuses, and solutions that can be life-saving.

I strongly believe that each campus deserves an outside expert to conduct a threat assessment. Our own security team is phenomenal, however it has been proven time and again that having an outside eye review vulnerabilities always leads to the discovery of things in addition to what we already knew.

I recently completed a School Violence Prevention and Safety Course at Regis High School where the majority of instructors were Navy Seals, including the top doc in charge of mass casualty assessments for the U.S. Navy. Even *I* thought I knew a lot... until this course.

Did you know that one of the safest ways to make our campuses safer, is also the cheapest improvements? 

  • Lightbulbs and lighting in areas that are now dark quickly make a campus more unlikely to be targeted.

Did you know that landscaping plays a key role in the ability for our own eyes to detect a threat?

  • Trimming trees from the bottom up, providing line-of-sight so that bodies stand out among the trees, is another low-cost option to keep campuses safer.

Did you know that one of the most effective ways attackers in schools get into classrooms - even though the doors are locked - is by simply destroying the glass panel next to the lock and then reaching in from the other side?

  • See the video below to learn how an innovative product can combat this weakness in our buildings.

Did you know that SWAT teams in prior school shootings have reported challenges in finding "which" classroom the active attacker is located in due to outdated blueprints and unmarked classroom windows and roofs?

  • LPS's deputy security officer recently advised me that proper numbering in classrooms windows is a priority this year. This can be as simple as putting the number of the classroom on an exterior classroom window so the authorities can more quickly find the room they need to pinpoint. A can of spray paint on the roof can also easily and cheaply provide the location from above for SWAT and helicopters.

Did you know that STOP THE BLEED training for the public has proven to save lives around the country, and free trainings are being offered in the near future in Arapahoe County? 

  • Tourniquet kits in classrooms with properly trained teachers, staff and students are proven to be lifesavers. If you come across an individual with an abdomen and a leg bleed, which one would you approach first as a civilian first responder to help save that life? The leg. With gravity, the leg is going to lose the most blood first, whether standing up or lying down. By simply applying a tourniquet to the leg to stop the bleeding, getting someone to call 911, then applying pressure to the abdomen, you may save that life considering that with an active bleed, it only takes 3-to-4 minutes until a human loses all six liters of blood in the system

Did you know that there are several things in common all school shooters have in common?

  • Just two of those things include documentable facts that they were bullied or the victim of real or perceived injustice and that they played violent video games an excessive number of hours each week.

The cost of saving lives is priceless. I will support anything proven that we can do to improve our campuses and our culture, including efforts to make our schools a bully-free zone, and to educate parents about the real-life consequences of violent video games.

This is 2019. Let's get this right!

Future School Violence Prevention and Safety Course Coming Soon!

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The sponsors and instructors of this course are prepared to train 1-to-2 thousand students in addition to parents, educators and school staff.

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Demonstration of protective glass laminate in schools

Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown supports the effort to bring this bulletproof laminate to exterior and interior glass in our schools. Did you know? One of the most vulnerable things we have inside our schools is the glass panel next to locked-down doors. A killer can easily break that glass, and with history as an example, many school killers have simply shot through the glass, opened the locked door and attacked those in the room. Our classrooms need this protectant.

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